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La chica que es la “gemela” de Emma Watson en Instagram

Megan Flockhart asegura que se dio cuenta de su gran parecido con la actriz de Harry Potter luego de que se disfrazó de Hermione para Halloween

Estephanie Gutiérrez 28/10/2016 16:52 Actualizada 15:47

Dicen que todo el mundo tiene un gemelo idéntico en otro lugar del planeta, a quien no conoce, pero es igualito; bueno, pues este es el caso de la “doble” de Emma Watson, la sensual actriz que ha conquistado a los cinéfilos con sus actuaciones en la saga de Harry Potter.

La “gemela” de Watson es originaria de Escocia y se llama Megan Flockhart, quien confesó para algunos medios que se dio cuenta del gran parecido que tiene con la actriz luego de disfrazarse como el personaje de Hermione Granger para las fiestas de Halloween en 2015.

“Los comentarios en mi Instagram son generalmente muy dulces, aunque en un momento dado, en mayo, teñí mi cabello de rubio cenizo y sentí que estaba siendo demasiado Emma Watson'. Se estaban poniendo demasiado intenso.” dijo la chica en declaraciones que recopila Nueva Mujer.

Megan se siente bien de parecerse a Emma, pues es su ídolo y que mejor que compartir sus rasgos físicos con alguien que admira. Con respecto a lo que opinan los seguidores sobre su parecido físico con la actriz, la escocesa ha dicho “En este año los comentarios se han hecho cotidianos tanto en persona como en las redes sociales. Algunos comentarios son muy dulces, aunque otros siento que son demasiado intensos.” así lo menciona Cosmo en Español.

El parecido de Megan con la actriz feminista, que últimamente ha señalado su respaldo a la candidatura de Hillary Clinton, es innegable y para muestra algunas de las fotografías que cuelga en su Instagram, donde tiene ya casi 10 mil seguidores y van en aumento.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for being so amazingly positive and lovely to me, it really means so much! You guys don't have to be so sweet but you are, and it's truly made me so happy I also want to clear up some things as I've seen just a few things written than isn't exactly true: I don't claim to be Emma Watsons doppelgänger, as much as I would LOVE to be, as she's absolutely stunning and has been my idol since the age of 10, I am myself also, and I have features that are completely different to Emma's, I'm totally 110% aware of this hahah also, I was first noticed through the lovely @heidimaetrix for my Hermione Cosplay and was noticed by even more people through her shout out. I in NO way submitted myself to be Emma Watsons "twin" I just don't want anyone getting the wrong impression! @emmawatson is a truly remarkable woman who's empowering and inspiring through her humanitarian efforts to her overall values and talent & yes I definitely aspire to be as empowering as her one day, but I don't actually think I am her...this is an extremely bizarre thing to be writing about and I realise no matter what I say people will always get the wrong impression, I'd just rather back myself up on my own social platforms! Lastly, I do relate tremendously to the character of Hermione Jean Granger but I'm under no pretence that I am that character (although, how amazing would that be? The most bad ass, intelligent, strong and loving character I've ever came across) I don't walk about in costume, it's for #cosplay and it's a hobby I very much enjoy while I'm young!

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My Steve Jobs aesthetic

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Not the most ideal coworker but Chewie means well @surfdogsglasgow #starwars

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Feeling like today with a virus so here's a photo of me when I was happy and feeling alive

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"Other women are not my competition, I stand with them not against them" Too often I see women tearing other women down, whether it’s about beauty standards or hobbies or relationships this culture of nit-picking other women needs to end in order for us to truly gain equality. It’s not particularly our fault, it’s a normal custom in society to pull another women down instead of big them up, we are brought up criticizing women for their relationships, clothing, make up, hair and basically anything else you can think of, we are brought up reading about a women’s fashion disaster instead of her accomplishments, we are brought up assessing a women’s relationships so harshly, this particularly comes from the media and then filters into our normal lives. I think the more we are aware that we are not in a competition with another women, the more we live our lives positively and break down the gender barriers that already exist. Life is much better and much lighter celebrating other women, rather than wanting them to fail for another’s personal gain. Stop putting other women down because unless they are negatively impacting your life then why try and negatively impact theirs? Stop (for lack of a better term) “slut shaming” stop making a women feel bad because of her make up or hair etc. If someone is pretty? Tell them they are pretty! If someone is talented? Tell them they are talented, encourage other women to achieve whatever they want to achieve in life. #positivevibes #positivity #feminism #feminist #positivequotes #women #womenpositivity @pansypath #leanintogether

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When the lighting in Manchester is 92463829x better than Glasgow

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⚪️Dots ⚫️

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I haven't posted a selfie with my Chip mug yet so here we are #beautyandthebeast #disney #disneyworld

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